Fourth leak found on Nord Stream pipelines, says Swedish coast guard

Sweden’s coast watch found a fourth gas spill on the harmed Nord Stream pipelines recently, a representative told the Svenska Dagbladet paper.

The European Association suspects damage was behind the gas spills on the subsea Russian pipelines to Europe and has guaranteed a “hearty” reaction to any deliberate disturbance of its energy infrastructure.Two of these four are in Sweden’s restrictive monetary zone,” coast watch representative Jenny Larsson told the paper late yesterday. The other two breaks are in the Danish elite financial zone.

The coast watch didn’t promptly answer a Reuters demand for input today.
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While neither one of the pipelines was being used at the hour of the thought impacts, they were loaded up with gas that has been heaving in the Baltic Ocean since Monday’s breaks.

The fourth break was on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, in closeness to a bigger opening found on the close by Nord Stream 1, the Swedish coast watch said.

This week, Danish specialists detailed one opening in every one of the two pipeline areas in their waters.

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